Drinkable Nano Lutein+ is patented in the USA and Japan!



Esters is a rich and safe source of lutein to the human body. Lutein supplementation is necessary for the human body because the human body does not produce lutein and its intake is through dietary sources only.

Shudd Purest Drinkable Nano Lutein + is formulated by a USA and Japan patented (Patent on File) single stage forward process, which extracts and isolates lutein ester from the dried petals of Marigold flowers (Tagetes species). This means our lutein is free from saturated fat, oil, waxy impurities and serves as an impeccable source for use as a nutritional supplement.


Lutein is a major antioxidant which can play a powerful role in strengthening our immune systems and overall health. In particular, research has shown that lutein is a key factor in maintaining and improving ocular health, with many ailments of the eye ameliorated or mitigated with regular lutein intake. Additionally, lutein may promote skin health and cardiovascular health, since studies have shown it can help guard against cell damage in the body. Because it is a carotenoid, lutein may also help quench free radicals and help filter out UV light damage to the eyes and skin.


As a xanthophyll, or yellow pigmented carotenoid, lutein occurs naturally in many plants and animal products: carrots, eggs, watercress, corn, and kale are only a few examples of natural sources of lutein. However, some sources of lutein are more concentrated and more accessible than others; with our patented extraction process for Marigold flowers, we guarantee an undiluted and instantly water dispersible source of pure lutein.


Lutein supplementation is important because, even though human beings require it, the human body does not produce lutein on its own; dietary intake is the only way to ensure a sufficient level of lutein. In turn, our Marigold extracted lutein ester is a concentrated and highly bioavailable supplement, which may help ensure you easily maintain a regular and beneficial daily intake of pure lutein!

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